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Studio Policies

7. Students are allowed no more than 2 reschedulings a month for non emergencies (social, athletics, etc.). A consistent practice of rescheduling for social or athletics will indicate a lack of commitment to the educational  process of piano. This will result in a loss of your permanent requested time slot.

8. Students who enter into their third year of study, will be encouraged to participate in the San Francisco Music Teachers' Association Certificate of Merit Program and recitals.

9. Students are not to make a habit of forgetting their music and note books! If you're a young student, don’t depend upon parents or guardians to remember them for you.

10. Never put books, purses, jewelry, eye glasses, etc. on piano.

11. Be prompt for lessons with finger nails trimmed and hands clean. Time lost from tardiness is not made up, and lessons end on time.

12. Parents may wait inside if desired. Since students are usually back to back, pick up rides must be on time. This avoids disruptions to the next student.

13. Enjoy your lesson! Please enter as well prepared as possible, with fingernails trimmed. Students are to come in quietly (there is no need to knock on the door or to ring the bell) and go directly to the piano and warm up. If a previous student is finishing a lesson, please come in quietly and take a seat.

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