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Studio Policies

1. New incoming students must meet with Ron Gipson before lessons can be scheduled.
A $30 dollar fee is to be paid at the time of the interview, which takes a half hour.

2. Students are to pay the entire month, on the first lesson of each month.
Unless prior arrangements have been made with Ron, students agree to pay a late fee of $25.00 upon payment of that months lesson.

New Rates,
30 minutes — $40.00 per lesson
45 minutes — $60.00 per lesson
60 minutes — $75.00 per lesson. Longer, or extra lessons are pro-rated accordingly.

3. A new student under the age of 6 only may begin with a half hour lesson. Forty-five minute lessons must begin as soon as the student has demonstrated readiness to begin theory and ear training.

4. Any current student may receive one free lesson upon referral of a new student that has remained in the RG Studio for a minimum of six months.

5. Time cancelled by instructor is always made up. Time cancelled by students (CANCELLATIONS BY PHONE ONLY) more than twenty-four hours in advance is credited to the next month if a make-up is not scheduled. Time cancelled less than twenty-four hours in advance is chargeable. Considerations are given for emergencies.

6. Students on partial scholarship do not receive credit in the following month when any lessons are cancelled. This rule constitutes a contribution towards past time not charged.

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